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The first two stories

June 2, 2017

Hello! Happy Friday! For my second blog post, I thought I'd share the first two stories from my book with you. So here goes...


Story 1


As I stared into his deep blue eyes, I knew that he was “the one”. The identity parade was over.


Story 2


Cynicism kills magic and so, whilst the children all knew that I existed, their parents didn’t. And so the parents would pretend to be me. But they never did it very well.


Nine-year-old Flora carefully placed the molar underneath her pillow and then quickly fell asleep. A couple of hours later, her father crept into her room, lifted her pillow and exchanged the tooth for a pound coin. As he left her room and closed her door, I flew in, took the pound coin and swapped it for a piece of enchanted plastic that would glow for a good few hours.


When Flora woke up the next morning, she peeled back her pillow and gasped when she saw the glowing disc. She took it to her money box and posted it through the slit.


“Did the tooth fairy leave you anything?” asked Flora’s mum, as they all sat down to breakfast that morning.


“She did,” said Flora, her eyes glowing like the disc. “She left me a coin that sparkled with fairy dust.”


As Flora’s parents exchanged bemused, cynical glances, I counted how much money I’d made that evening.


I never said that magic had to be used for good.

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