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Why write a book?

June 21, 2017

Good evening! And what a hot one it is too! I recently got back from a holiday abroad and had to acclimatise to the British weather - but to the British warmth, not the British cold. When does that ever happen, eh?! Bizarre.


So, in this my third blog post in a month (I know, just call me Helen-prolific-blogger-Keeling-Marston, why don't you?), I thought I'd talk briefly about why I decided to write a book...


"So, Helen-prolific-blogger-Keeling-Marston," you ask, "Why did you decide to write a book?" (By the way, and as an aside, if you ever get married and decide to go double-barrelled - and if you've always spelled out your first name in your signature - then really think about how long your new signature is going to end up. The signature boxes that you get on forms simply don't accommodate such a beast of a name). Anyway, I digress (I blame the heat). Why did I decide to write a book? Well, at one point last year when I was still writing at 2a.m. and had to get up at 5.30 the next morning for a meeting at my day job, I did rather wonder that myself too. However, apart from evenings such as that one, I wrote a book because:


(a) It's fun! It's really fun to see where your imagination will take you and to get lost in your creations, and...


(b) The best thing in the world is when someone reads your book and it either entertains them or moves them, or makes them think. Hence I was chuffed today to get my first book blog review from Forever Fictional and to learn that Chloe had engaged with my book in the way that I was hoping some people would (shameless book plug here: http://forever-fictional.blogspot.co.uk/2017/06/two-hundred-very-short-stories-helen.html (although, to be fair, this whole website's a shameless book plug :))). I think that, when you produce a creative product, you know that some people will hate it and some people will like it - well, you hope that some people will like it (and if they don't, well, there's always your mum who'll say that she likes it). So, to summarise this waffly paragraph, it's nice to create something that's enjoyed by others; be that a few people or millions.


Good gracious this is a very long blog post for me (heck, it's longer than most of my stories!). Hence I'll sign off now and really will endeavour to blog a bit more regularly going forwards. 


Enjoy the sunshine :)


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