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(Not) Kidnapping Bran Stark

May 11, 2018

I haven't blogged in ages, so thought I'd post something tonight - Friday night - the best night of the week!


Hope everyone's well and enjoying the nice weather. The weather's been very random of late, hasn't it? One weekend my husband and I are out mountain biking in down gloves, the next we're applying sun cream, the next we're wearing down gloves...and so the cycle (yes that was terrible) continues.


Summer is great as it means that my charity gets to cover lots of para-sports events. In March, we got to see the Wheelchair Rugby Quad Nations, which was awesome, and one of our volunteers - Claire - covered the para events at the recent Commonwealth Games. We have lots more events and interviews coming up, so keep checking out our website.


I also got to spend some leisure time in Northern Ireland recently, which was fab. Northern Ireland is a beautiful country and I *may* have been a little geeky and sought out some (maybe all) of the key Game of Thrones locations. I was also very excited when Bran Stark walked past me at the airport. The thought of kidnapping him to find out how Game of Thrones ends didn't cross my mind at all...nope, not at all.


Book-wise, I've been thinking of having a go at writing a full-length novel and I have the germ of an idea for a story. I've just been thinking about it so far, though, as it's a big commitment when you have about 489 other hobbies and interests as well (anyone else got an ENFP preference? Nighmare, isn't it?! :)). If I were to write a novel, my friend thinks I should call it "One Very Long Story". My friends are funny.


Have a great weekend ;)


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